Why Levelll?

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Maybe you questioned yourself - "Okay, but… why Levelll?"

Levelll is a specialized application for water and sewage monitoring! This is an online app, which monitors: reservoir levels, water quality, turbidity, dissolved chemicals, pressure and other useful water indicators. It is proven to be stable and intelligent, and if necessary, automation can be included, which, for example, will easily control an electric actuator installed on a shut-off valve...

The short answer is based on the facts that Levelll is modern, full of useful features and most importantly - we value our customers’ privacy and we will never share any data with anyone.

Have you ever seen a system take full control of a water filtration facility?

Have you ever seen incoming water pipes correcting the flow based on water quality or turbidity?

Have you ever heard an alarm sounding or notifications being sent when there are critical values?

Everything from above with the ability to configure and control everything from your phone… no matter where you are or where your facility is located.

Sounds impossible, but we made it :)

About Levelll
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Access Levelll From Anywhere

Levelll is ultra-light and combined with it’s mobile-friendly design it is the perfect fit for all applications. You can browse Levelll on any device you want. Our infrastructure gives you the ability to see real-time data in the palm of your hand. Sounds cool, right?

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Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Levelll is fully cloud-based and is running across multiple availability zones. This guarantees you 100% uptime and extremely fast response times from our system whenever and wherever you need it.

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We Value Your Privacy

We will never share any of your data with anyone, unless you choose to do so. We believe that our clients should choose how their data is treated. You can create and manage custom dashboards which you can share with anyone, anytime. Our secure data stores are located in one of the biggest cloud providers, this makes your data’s security rock-solid.