Levelll's mission.

We do our best to provide customized monitoring and automation solutions to everyone. Our platform brings a lot of benefits across various industries, where real-time monitoring might come in handy.

"Make simple things simple, and complex things possible."

Alan Ray

How the Levelll journey started.

Levelll started out as a custom solution for water level monitoring back in 2015. At the very beginning it was only able to log water levels and show them to water facility employees.

Throughout the following years the system evolved quite a lot and our dev team had integrated lots of additional functionalities, needed for water facilities to be controlled from the palm of your hand, or even left running on fully automatic mode by using automations.

Right now we specialize in development of custom monitoring and automation solutions. Our scope is not limited to the water industry anymore and we're ready to turn any of your ideas into a reality.

"Building and maintaining monitoring services shouldn't bring any difficulties or inconveniences. It should be as easy as counting to 3. We built Levelll to make it easy and convenient for companies to modernize their work process and introduce a lot of additional opportunities in their own business fields."

Levelll CEO (Viktor Kanchev) image
Viktor Kanchev
CEO & Founder, Levelll